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My Crystal Jewellery

I make a selection of semi precious gemstone jewellery: crystal bracelets, necklaces and ear rings, although the most popular lines are my Bracelets for Life... a collection for adults or Teens. The crystals used in my jewellery are chosen for their individual properties to suit specific situations or healing requirements.
Here are a few of the most popular combinations:

Hey Boy! (VERY popular with teenage girls!)
School and exam success
Job and Interview success
Stress Buster
Menopause Help
PMT Relief
Migraine Ease
Arthritis Help
Law and Justice
Fertility Booster
Relationship Restorer
Best Friends

Bracelets can be made to order, either to fulfil a specific health requirement, to ease a particular situation, or just to match your favourite outfit!

Please contact me at for further information

More Detailed Pictures: Crystal Jewellery

This is a mixed gemstone bracelet that I made for my daughter when she went away on a school trip. I made it just to include all of her favourite gemstones, with a double heart charm to remind her we love her (ahhh)


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Crystal Sets

In addition to traditional Chakra Sets (sets of 7 crystals to help to balance the Body's Chakras) I offer Crystal Sets for other Situations.
Each set contains between 5 to 7 crystals in a pouch, carefully selected to help with specific situations. Full details and suggestions for use are enclosed with each set. The following sets are avaiable:

Sets of 5 Stones @ £5.50 per set
Law and Justice
Overcoming Addiction
Best Friends

Sets of 7 Stones @ £7 per set
Miss Personality
Healing Set
Divination Set
Hey Boy!
Menopause Support
Arthritis Relief
Life Crisis
Exam/Interview Help
Business & Financial Success
Chakra Set

(Mini Chakra Set of 7 smaller gemstones is also available for £2.50)

Should you require crystals to help with a situation not listed, please feel free to e mail me to discuss your requirements. Most situations can be accomodated.

My Aromatherapy Products

I have a large range of associated aromatherapy products, such as radiator and light bulb diffusers, oil burners, reed diffusers, as well as essential oils at very competitive prices... e mail me with your specific requirements or for a current price list.
I create the following Aromatherapy Bath and Massage Oils:

Relaxation Mix
Banish the Blues
Fabulous Me

Party Time Sparkle
Energy Booster
Migraine Ease
Arthritis & Joint Care

Asthma Relief
Back & Joint Pain

Anti Allergy
Baby Massage/Colic
Cholesterol Reducer
PMT/Mood Swings &Pain Relief
Cystitis Ease
Cancer Support (Not for Topical Use during Treatment)

I can usually create an oil for a specific conditions, should you require, just contact me for details.

Current Prices

Crystal Jewellery

Combination Crystal Jewellery for Specific Circumstances, presented with full details in organza pouch, available as follows:

Standard Strung Bracelet @ £3.50-£4.50 each

Standard Strung Necklaces (16") @ £6.50 each

Chain Link Crystal Bracelet @ £4.50-£5.50

Chain Link Crystal Necklace @ £7.50

Matching (pierced) dropper ear rings @ £3

Crystal Sets

Mini Chakra Set @ £2.50

All varieties of 5 stone sets @ 5.50

All varieties of 7 Stone Set @ £

Aromatherapy Products

Essential Oils from £2 - £5 per 10ml, please ask for details

Oil Burner Kit: Includes oil burner, night light, 10ml mood blend room fragrancer and full instructions @ £5.75

Radiator Diffuser, mood blend fragrance and full instructions @ £4.50 each10ml

10ml Mood Blend Room Fragrancer: Romance, Relaxation, Party Time @ £2

Oil Blend Bath/Massage Oil (With full instructions and suggestions for use) £4 per 25ml Bottle. *(Your own blend can be created to your requirement for just£4.50)*

Using just one capful per bath, or just a teaspoon for a full body massage, a 25ml bottle will last longer than you think, making this a very inexpensive luxury suited specifically to your needs!